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I purchased a frenchie puppy from Dustin about two years ago and was honored when he reached out for a testimonial. Rebecca has been the biggest joy to my life and Dustin was the most helpful during the puppy hunting process. He knows his breeds and his dogs VERY WELL. I still call him about the most random dog questions and he will always take my call even in the middle of the night. Dustin truly cares about his dogs, quality of heath and their forever homes, He does require an application and phone interview before you can pick out a puppy from him but IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT! WE LOVE OUR REBECCA!!!!! Thank you Dustin, you are truly the best with the most kind heart. 

Lilly Weaver

Frenchie Mom to Rebecca

Beans is our female French bulldog. She has added so much joy to our lives and we are so glad that we got her. When my wife and I started looking at French Bulldogs, I did research for about a month. We went to one breeder who had a good looking frenchie for sale, but they were not knowledgeable enough about the breed or open about everything in the breeding process. We then visited Dustin and we were both sold after spending about two hours or so learning about his process, the pups, meeting their parents, etc. It was an awesome experience and we have kept a great relationship with Dustin. So much so, that now my wife’s parents are getting a little girl from him. We quickly learned that it’s not about selling the dogs for Dustin, but informing people about the breed and finding the perfect home for the pups. He cares the most out of all the breeders we met. Dustin and his frenchies are seriously the best and we highly recommend them!

Daniel and Caitlyn Taylor

Frenchie Parents to Beans


After looking for nearly two years I found Dustin and his french bulldog family down in Texas and instantly fell in love. I asked to be put on his waiting list for a future litter, about 3 months went by and I received the life changing news that his female Chiquita was pregnant. Dustin sent me weekly updates and pictures until my baby was ready to come home. He is so passionate about his dogs and educating his buyers about the breed and making sure you and your puppy are a great fit. He truly has a way with animals. This guy is AMAING! Thank you Dustin. 


The Beck Family, Orange County, CA

Frenchie Parents

We met Dustin through a mutual friend, and boy, are we glad we did! From the moment we first contacted him with a million questions about Frenchies, in general, and about his Frenchies in particular, he was helpful, patient, consistent, and oh so passionate about his babies! After seeing pictures of Chicquita and Bruno and talking to Dustin about their health histories, we knew we wanted one of their babies. Dustin invited us into his home to meet all of his Frenchies, including mom, dad and babies. He consistently sent us pictures of them growing up and made it clear we were welcome to come see them anytime. By the time we visited the babies with the intention to choose one, we already felt like we knew all three puppies because we had received so many pictures, videos, and observations from Dustin. We picked our sassy girl and never looked back. She is the most beautiful, perfectly-shaped, healthy French Bulldog! Her airway is super healthy - no trouble breathing at all! As expected, she has the stubborn, independent personality Frenchies are known for, but she is exceedingly smart and has learned every command we have taught her after only minimal repetition. She is naturally good with kids and our 14-year-old lab, whom she bosses around and entices to play as if she is also a puppy. Everyone who meets her loves her and we are so grateful to Dustin for raising Chicquita and Bruno so well, and for starting our Beatrice Rose off on the best start possible! 💕

Lee Correa

Frenchie Parent to Beatrice Rose

Our French Bulldog puppies for sale are registered with the American Kennel Club.

Texas Tiny Frenchies is proud to offer a One Year Health Guarantee on all puppies. 

Dustin Pletcher is Certified with the AKC as a Breeder of French Bull Dogs that is recognized as a member of the Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Program.


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